"Nanma", a voluntary service organisation, was born in the mind of P. Vijayan, IPS, to extend assistance to society beyond what his official duties warranted.

It is a concept primarily developed from Mahatma Gandhi's doctrine of Trusteeship, conceived with the objective of extending a helping hand to the less privileged section of our society to find their inner strength and to unleash their potential. This organization is supported by Govt. officials, businessmen, doctors, sports men, media personnel and social workers who are united by a single goal i.e., spreading the message of compassion and goodness by action.
  • To spread compassion and goodness among the needy of our society.
  • To act as a link between the needy and those who are willing and capable of uplifting the less privileged.
  • To contribute to the nation building process by preparing the youth to face the challenges of the generation.

Latest News

  • Nanma Website Launched By Shri Shreyams Kumar MLA On 07/07/2013.

    Sat, 6 Jul, 2013 01AM
  • Nanma Learning Center Inaugurated by Honerable Chief Minister of Kerala Shri. Oommen Chandi On 02/10/2013.

    Sat, 6 Jul, 2013 13PM
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    Nanma is a concept primarily developed from Mahatma Gandhi's doctrine of Trusteeship envisioned to resolve all social and economic conflicts. We believe that we all are trustees of what we possesses - our talents, knowledge, experiences and everything else. And it is our obligation as a responsible human being to pass on what he had received to our next generations or to others who are in need of them.
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